Oncology pain relief

Oncology pain is associated with the spread of tumours and their effect on adjacent organs. However, painful sensations do not appear immediately. Often, in the early stages of human cancer, nothing bothers at all. This is the insidiousness and danger of cancer – for a long time, they can be asymptomatic. Pain in cancer is caused by inflammatory processes, and operations, and concomitant lesions – arthritis, neuralgia, and others. According to statistics, every third patient receiving adequate treatment still suffers from a pain syndrome.

Contrary to people’s expectations, modern medicine has stepped forward so far that it makes any treatment very easy and comfortable even for the most effeminate patients.

The Imperial Clinic offers you to feel the latest developments in anesthesiology and feel comfort instead of fear and pain.

To concentrate the anaesthetic, just in the area of ​​dental intervention.

If you have contraindications to substances such as adrenaline, mesatone, norepinephrine or terlipressin, then local anaesthetic can be used without a vasoconstrictor. Still, the valuable time of the anaesthetic effect is reduced.

The presence of stabilizers and preservatives in common preparations suggests that these anaesthetics have a long shelf life.

The essence of the method is that the treatment of pain begins with soft drugs, which are gradually replaced by more powerful means. Therapy involves the combined use of painkillers and auxiliaries. It should start in the first appearance of painful sensations, even if the patient himself believes that they are too weak and do not deserve attention. Timely initiation of analgesic therapy is the primary condition for achieving positive results.

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